Miami, FLORIDA -- THE JAKE'S CHALLENGE -- April, 12 2013

Jake's Steak Seasoning announces its upcoming sampling program aimed at giving away fun sample-sized packets of Jake's to grilling enthusiasts, weekend culinary hobbyists and people who love to cook healthier food.

Jake's is announcing the Jake's Steak Challenge. Jake says, “I'm giving away free samples of Jake's for a limited time in order to get people to try it and take the Jake's challenge.  Jake's is great on all foods and this is an opportunity for our faithful users to tell all their friends about it and have them try it for free, also it will allow people who don't know about Jake's to try it.

We have clients throughout the world who use Jake's on almost everything they eat. So I thought in a world where your bank tries to charge you just to talk to a teller, and where people are getting nickel-and-dimed by businesses virtually everywhere they go, why not actually give people something of value for free.  So that's what I did.

"When I went to get my hair cut my barber told me he loved to cook chicken, so I give my barber a tip along with a sample of Jake's. He was so tickled by it I decided to give Jake's everywhere I go. It's become my goodwill trademark in this dimly lit world of bad news to energize my little corner of the world during tough economic times.

"Besides, more people are cooking at home nowadays and we know when they try Jake's, people love it so much they continue buying it from us. The only place you can get a free sample or just buy it is at So giving away free Jake's is my little experiment in how to spread the joy of cooking with Jake’s to more people who love food.  Jake's doesn't just make food taste better, it makes it much better! Take the Jake's challenge for yourself and see.

Jake goes on, "Then I got the bright idea of asking people to take my Jake's Challenge. First, they get a free sample. Then, they go to and tell us if they like their favorite food better with the Jake's. Depending on their answer, they instantly get a secret surprise.

"So far, people tell me they like getting something for free and actually being asked their opinion on our product. In the near future we will be rewarding customers who help us test new flavors of our products by giving them special secret surprises when they help us with our fun taste tests.”

To receive a sample and request your free samplejust go to

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